Classic Camera Cafe's
Rollei Gallery
A growing collection of photos taken with "old" Rollei cameras.
The photos are not intended to be artistic masterpieces; just examples of what these old cameras are capable of after 50 to 70 years.
Both of these images were taken with a Rolleicord 2 type 2 from 1937. The lens was a Zeiss Triotar f3.5. S/N 1974977. T/Max 100.
All of the images in this gallery are clickable for larger versions.  The first two images (below) are extra large. Just look at the quality.
Rolleicord 2a from 1937/38. S/N 1967128 Lens: f3.5 Zeiss Triotar  The image on the left was taken with the addition of a Zeiss Proxar 1 close-up lens.
T/Max 100 film..
Rolleicord 1a  1937/38. S/N 2095342. Lens: f4.5 Zeiss Triotar.  Rim set Compur shutter.   T/Max 100 film.
Camera serial number  1974977
Rolleiflex Automat X  from 1949/1951. S/N 1147807
Lens: Zeiss f3.5 Jena Tessar. T/Max 100
Rolleicord 3 type 2. 1950/53. S/N 1326750. Lens:F3.5 Schneider Xenar.
Film: Ilford Delta 100.
The legendary James Dean shooting with his Rolleiflex