A cafe is a meeting place for food or drinks.  Classical Camera Café is different because it's a global "virtual cafe." If you're sitting in your home or office readng this, you are in two cafes at the same time: your own cafe and ours, and we could be thousands of miles apart..

Classic Camera Café is more than a cafe. It's a meeting place that brings together “camera Lovers” from around the world. There may be dozens, or hundreds of cafes spread around the globe. Classic Camera Café will also be a café where everyone in the café can participate, be involved in the growth and success of the café. From my perspective it’s an exciting environment where everyone can participate and enjoy making friends while looking, learning, and sharing information about film cameras.

Most of the people who will participate in Classic Camera Cafe are no different to you or me. We own a camera of some sort. We may even have our own camera collection. We may be part of the film era. Or we may belong to the digital revolution. It doesn't really matter. However, what we don't always realise is that within the world of photography, which goes all the way back to the first cameras at around 1830, there are cameras that most of us have never seen, and probably never will see. My quest for the past several years has been to bring those cameras out of the closet for everyone to see. So, actually, Classic Camera Cafe is a small but growing digital CAMERA MUSEUM. If you have a camera that you would like to add to the collection, contact me?

Now, let me introduce you to the Classic Camera Cafe MENU.                                POINT-CLICK & ENJOY
John: webmaster, camera collector, coffee maker.
You name it and I do it!
Welcome to Classic Camera Cafe
"The meeting place for Film Camera Lovers"
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Another camera I love is the Hasselblad. I had one in the 1970s. Now I have another-just for fun!