Rollei Cameras For Sale
Rolleiflex  Standard Model 622   #562503. F3.5 Zeiss Jena Tessar. EX++ with lens cap.
Just returned from CLA (April 2011) New focusing mirror.
Rolleiflex Old Standard type 3 #562503. F3.5 Z eiss Jena Tessar. EX+ with lens cap but no case
Rolleiflex Automat 1. VERY RARE model with no shutter guard. #615543. f3.5 Zeiss Jena Tessar. EX++ except for faceplate. Lens cap but no case.
$500. CLA-March 2011. In very good condition.
Rolleiflex Automat X Type 1. #1147807. f3.5 Zeiss Opton Tessar. EX+
No cao. No case.
$400.\The negatives from this camera amaze me!
Rolleimagic Type 1. #2523985. f3.5 Schneider Xenar. Original lens cap .
Mint-. Click the red link to see a photo taken with this camera. The meter still works!
Rolleicord 1V.
# 1376322.
f3.5 Schneider Xenar lens.
Camera CLA in (March 2011)
Condition Ex+
New focusing mirror.
$450 obo

Rolleiflex Baby  (1932) 4RF-410 with original leather case   f3.5 Original  #133571. f3.5 Zeiss Jena Tessar.  EX++
Case and cap.  $700
CLA in April 2010.
Rolleiflex Baby 4X4 Baby Sport.  (RF430) #642665.
Lens: f2.8 Zeiss Jena Tessar. 2096987 
Camera, Leather case. No lens cap.
CLA in 2008.
A superb Mint- example of this beautiful 4X4 Collectors Dream!
Sold for $800
Rolleiflex Baby 4X4 (K5) Gray
#2005749. f3.5 Schneider Xenar.
Complete with original case, lens cap, and lens hood in leather keeper.  Camera Mint- Case Ex+ Lens cap and lens hood .
Scroll down for some Rolleicord Cameras
Rolleicord 3 type 2.
K3B 111. #1326750. f3.5 Schneider Xenar. EX++. Lens cap.
No Case.
Sold for $250
Rolleicord 1 type 2
5RC511. #1702903
Art Deco but with black covering.
Zeiss Jena f3.8 Triotar. EX

Rolleicord 1V. K3C. #1376322. f3.5 Schneider Xenar.
EX+  One second just a little slow.
No Cap. No Case.

Rolleicord 2 type 3 #808727 Zeiss Jena f3.5 Triotar. EX (ding on hood that's correctible.

Rolleicord 1a type 2. 5RC 530. #2095342.
Zeiss Jena f4.5 Triotar. Mint-  Beautiful!

Rolleicord 1a type 3. 5RC 531. #701520. Mint- Body.
Sold $325
Rolleicord 2 type 1. 5RC 111 #1810513. From the Arthur Evans Collection. (illustrated in his book). Zeiss Jena f3.5 Triotar. EX+
No Cap. No Case.
$200. O.B.O.
Rolleicord 2a type 2. 5RC 540  #1974977.
Zeiss Jena f3.5 Triotar. Mint. Lens cap. No case.
Rolleicord 2b type 3. 5RC 541. #737569. Zeiss Jena f3.5 Triotar.  EXC. Lens cap. No case. Slow speeds are slow.

Rolleicord 2 type 1. 5RC 111. #1967128.
Zeiss Jena f3.5 Triotar.  EX+. Lens cap. No case.

All 3 of these cameras are for sale.
All have been serviced (CLA)
Left: 4RF 410 (1932)  with case.
Center: 4RF 430 (1938-1943) Baby Sport-with case.
Right: K5 Grey. (1957-1961) with case.
These cameras are really cute and small.
Left & Center are just 11 X 7 X 6.5 cm with hood down, The Grey Baby is just 1 cm taller.
This image was taken on T/Max 100 with the 70 year old Rolleicord 2-- above this photo. It shows what Rolleicord's are capable of. Click and open it.
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