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Collectors always end up with too much stuff.  Here you will see a variety of cameras, lenses, accessories etc. You will even see some digital camera stuff too.  It's all got to go.  You may find a treasure here. Or you may just be looking for something small. If it's here, you have a chance to own it.
"Trading Post."  means you can buy or trade for almost anything on the page.
For trading purposes, the items would need to be photographic. And if you don't have anything to trade, cash is just fine.
You will also be happy to know that PayPal is accepted here.
Take a look around. If you see somethinhg you like/want, send me an email.

Nikon 35-80 f4-f5.6 Zoom with Macro attachment.   Coin photo taken with macro attachment.
Leitz 60 Macro R Adapter. This also works with the 135 Elmarit
Nikon 5700 Digital complete in the box
This is a fantastic 5 megpixel digital camera. It's lightweight, has a fantastic zoom, and takes awesome photos.  My wife and I took this on a trip around England, and it performed beautifully. In fact, one photo she took with it won a national photo competition. We like it so much that I bought her the Nikon 8800.
Rolleiflex Bayonet 3 aluminium hood and pola filter. Not Rollei originals, but Japan made, and in very nice condition. And not Rollei price either!

Rollei Proxar
Close up lens set. 37mm taking lens.
Heliopan West German 60mm coated filters. As new. Each filter in its own box.
Ultra Violet. Yellow 5. Orange 22.
Skylight, Green.
Rolleiflex T Crank Handles. NEW   $50 each
Rolleiflex  4X4 Gray back. Used but in  very nice condition.
Post War Rolleiflex  4X4 Black Baby back.  Mint
Rolleiflex or Rolleicord  auxiliary push on focusing knob. Used but good condition.
Rollei panorama head.

Rolleiflash Set
Like New
Weston Master 3 exposure meter. Superb Condition and working fine. This may not be digital, but it's a really good and accurate exposure meter. One of the best old timers!
This page was last updated: March 29, 2016
Rollei Books
Rollei TLR History by Ian Parker.
Book is like new.
Rollei Report #1 by Claus Prochnow
Book is like new.
Rollei Photography by Jacob Deschin.
Book is in very nice condition.
Rollei Manuala by Alec Perlman. Book cover has seen better days, but book is in fine condition.
Rollei Handbook by Alec Perlman.
Pocket sized book in excellent condition.
Fritz Henles Rollei Photography.
This book has no cover, but book is in really nice condition.
Leather Cases:  On some cases the leather straps will need to be replaced.  Qualities vary from EX to Mint-
Rolleicord Vb #1
Rolleicord Vb #2
Rolleicord Vb #3
Rolleiflex Automat
3 or X
Antique Metrophot exposure meter.
For Collectors!
Bay 3 Rollei collapsible rubber lens hood
One camera left!
Baby 4X4 2005749 in absolutely superb condition. CLA March 2010. With case, strap, cap and lens hood with keeper

Here's a great 35mm film camera: Canon Elan 7e body, which was once top of the line. It's in superb condition too.
Zeiss Jena f3.5 135mm manual/auto
Really Sharp!
Canon EOS Mount
Rolleikin Set
plate back
Rolleiflex 4X4 Post War Black Baby
Not a complete set.
Rolleiflex 4X4 Cameras
Left: 4X4. 4RF 410. (1932)
Center: 4X4. 4RF 430. Baby Sport  1938-1943.
Right: 4X4. K5 Grey. 1957-1961..
All cameras have their original leather cases.

Rolleiflex Rolleimagic--automatic.  1960-1962.
It's in excellent condition. And it works perfectly. It is very rare to find one of these cameras with a working exposure meter. This one works. It reads 1/2 stop low, but that's easy to compensate by over rating the film. Focusing mirror is like new. It includes the leather case
Don't be afraid to make an offer. You never know your luck!
Zeiss Ikoflex 1C. with f3.5 Novar lens
Film tested Dec. 2012. The camera is working perfectly. And the built in meter is very good. Look at the two image files, which have been greatly reduced in size.
Zeiss Contaflex Super  (1959/60)
Complete with Zeiss Tessar 50mm f2,8  and 35mm f4 Sonnar
Coupled exposure meter
In very nice condition.
.Rolleiflex T1 Body Leathers
From a camera
Open to Offers
Russian Moskva 5
reducing mask for 6X6 images. (steel)
Rollei Meter Diffusers
New old stock (one left)
MC Minolta Tele-Rokkor QD #111182
f3.5. 135mm. Made in Japan.
Good glass in perfect working order.
Super Sharp
1937-Rolleiflex Automat 1 Fiirst production with no shutter lock. Camera serviced and working properly.
This Hasselblad 500CM outfit is NOT YET FOR SALE.
But it may be soon. If you are interested, let me know..
The lens is a mint Zeiss "T" CF 150mm f4. The body, A12 back and focusing hood are also in good condition. And everything is working as it should be. When sold it will include the Hasselblad sunshade and a Hasselblad skylight filter.
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